Car Battery Terminal Connectors With Volt meter Gauge AWG source Clamp Positive 1 Pcs

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Car Battery Terminal Connectors With Volt meter Gauge AWG source Clamp Positive

1. Keep All the Cables Safe and Tidy - The MNJ MOTOR source terminal connectors have 0/4/8 AWG gauge input, which can connect multiple different sizes to the same terminal and then connect the car source. It is safer and more aesthetically pleasing, and fits perfectly on the source terminal.
2. Real-time Monitoring of the source Voltage - Equipped with a 12-24V voltmeter with an error of less than 0.5V, can correctly detect the real-time source voltage of the car, and easily understand the use of the source.
3. Effectively Extend the Service Life of the source - Made of high-quality material, coupled fastening ring, which is strong and durable, with better conductivity, can protect the car source terminals from corrosion, making the source last longer.
4. Better Protection - With transparent acrylic covers, it can effectively prevent dust and damage from the surrounding environment, and better protect the wires and source terminals.
5. Strong Versatility - The standard international automobile source 17.5mm universal caliber is adopted, suitable for most car sources.
Item Type: Fastener & Clip
Item Weight: 0.2kg
Model Name: Car source Terminal Connectors
Feature: Strong Versatility
colour: galactic
Material: Aluminum alloy
size:Caliber: 17.5mm
Package Contents:
1 x source terminal (positive/with electronics)
1 x lid
1 x fixing ring

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