Car Seat Massager 12v 5 Points with Heat

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Car Seat Massager Backrest Cushion Full color box packaging, 5 massage points, can be fever, dual car home. 1, the elderly disabled persons (especially the lumbar and leg pain); 2, sedentary white-collar workers, office work, a long time to mental; 3, used computer worker, often sat at the computer to work or regular Internet surfers; 4, home health care (your partner end of the day, I returned home, massage, family welcomed a new care Oh!) 5, driving people 6, a gift would send health! Get a massage product, send a filial love, to send a healthy, send a affection! As a gift to friends, partners, relatives, elders, neighbors guide the company, students and business gifts, premium products attractive color box packaging, the product of economic and practical, is the best gift Oh! 1: the main waist massage cushion the upper body massage points 5 vibration massage 2: The strength of the speed regulator and two obstacles 3: remote control could give you the waist inflatable deflated very convenient ah. 4: Distribution of a car cigarette lighter power supply, according to household power, family cars with two convenient! 5: External with breathable cotton machine, soft and breathable. 6: This product is unique thermal protection function. To avoid overheating, caused by the burn. Within the thermometer with a self-test, the machine will automatically start temperature thermal overheating protection, stop the machine operation, protect the machine, then re-cooling operation. 7: massage cushion thin and flexible, and easy operation Package Includes: 1x Full Size Seat Topper 1x Power Adaptor 1x Car Adaptor 1x Manual Car: Configure auto cigarette lighter plug, you can use a car seat; it quickly when you are tired of your travel fatigue. Home: with a 220V home power adapter, plug the power is in the home security can be converted to 12V power, so ensure the safety of multi-function massage cushion, so you can rest assured that use. Package Size: 50 * 46 * 11CM Packaging total weight: 1.9 kg Rated voltage: 220V Car Seat Massager Backrest Cushion Home Delivery all Over Pakistan

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