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  • Mojipic is the first unique gadget that offers drivers the opportunity to demonstrate their Emotions, Mood, Status, National Identity, Exhibit Sporting interests, Cheer for their Favourite teams, share a festive mood, and furthermore be progressively sociable with the other drivers or the outside world.
  • More than 1500 Gifs, Smiles & Emojis. Baseball Teams, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Flags of Countries, National Symbols and Holidays, etc.
  • Take a photo directly in the Mojipic App and display images on the device.
  • Realtime drawing and Gif Maker allowing to create own pictures and Gifs which are displaying on the device.
  • The voice control function enables you to display images without being distracted on the road, by simply using a voice command, which makes driving easier and safe.
  • If you drive for Uber, Cream, My Lift, or any other taxi service,
  • Use Mojipic to make it easy for your passengers to find you.
  • Just display their name on your window.
  • Mojipic isn’t just for the car. Use Mojipic to brighten up your home and advertise your shop or café.
  • The Brightness is controllable.

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