HKS Top Energy Magnetic Power Fuel Saver Magnet - Fuel Saver Red

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HKS Magnetizing Appliances / Fuel Saver / Fuel Magnetizing Appliances, Automotive Economizer / Strong White Magnetic Filter

Model:-  HKS Magnetizing Devices

Size: 8.2CM Long, 8.2CM Wide

Function: HKS magnetizing devices via and superconductor can produce particular resonant frequency when put on for the tube damage through the fuel molecule hydrocarbon chain, the structure of the fuel molecules under the neodymium compound catalyst, the effects of the Special resonance in the rearrangement, the fuel of molecular disorder disorderly movement are organized in neat rows of straight lines, make the fuel combustion becomes fully and efficiently. under normal circumstances can reach 10% -10% of the fuel level.

Note: many of the matter under the action of a strong magnetic field change, this kind of phenomenon is called "magnetization". When the gasoline macromolecules regiment is strong magnetic cutting, in small molecular weight, viscosity reducing, atomization effect is enhanced, the activity of small molecular weight increases, after mixing with oxygen burning more fully. to improve the fuel combustion efficiency and achieve the engine fuel-efficient powerful effect.


1, save fuel
2, high power low speed, output torque
3, increase shooting efficiency
4, extend the life of the lead worship
5, improve driving pleasure
6, to reduce air pollution, mainly through the magnetization of oil molecules, make the combustion more sufficient, to achieve the effect of fuel-saving acceleration

No installation: installed directly on the tube, easy and practical..!

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