Radiator Coolant OSAKA 1 Liter (Green)

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1- NASA Anti freeze and coolant is duel performance product the Automobile and Generators from overheating in summer and protect radiator and engine in winter from freezing. 2- Its special rust inhibitors protect the radiator from corrosion, rusted scales. 3- It can be use in Automobiles and heavy duty diesel and gas generators. 4- It is perfect for all metals including Aluminum Radiators. DIRECTION FOR USE – Make sure all fittings and hoses are tight and in good condition, replace it if necessary. – Drain radiator / cooling system and refill with clean water. – Run / Start engine for 5 minutes at normal speed. Then turn off the engine. Drain water from the radiator. – If radiator is still dirty and rusty, use NASA Radiator Cleaner as per direction. – Fill Radiator with Nasa Antifreeze and Coolant ,it is ready to use (do not need to add water) – In case Radiator lower the coolant, Add only NASA Antifreeze and Coolant for refilling. WARNING a) It contain Mono Ethylene Glycol if swallowed please consult doctor immediately , b) Keep out of the reach of children

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