BABY ON BOARD LED Car Window Sticker Windshield Electric Safety Decal Decoration Sticker Auto 1 Pc

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BABY ON BOARD LED Car Window Sticker Windshield Electric Safety Decal Decoration Sticker Auto 1 Pc

BABY ON BOARD MODEL Car Reflective Stickers Funny Window Decals Styling Luminous Decoration Emblem Car Stickers custom car sticker LED car decal auto decoration accessory waterproof car sticker luminous decoration sticker windshield for car rear window auto accessories
Made from high-quality PET material, these stickers are durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the rigors of daily-use and exposure to the-elements. They're also easy to apply, with a simple peel-and-stick design that anyone can use.
Perfect for car enthusiasts, young-drivers, or anyone who wants to add some personality and style to their ride, these stickers are a fun and affordable way to customize your vehicle.
Whether you're cruising down the highway at night or parked outside a club, these stickers will draw-attention and make your-car the center of attention. They're also great for car shows, road trips, or any other occasion where you want to-show off your ride.
The light is uniform and soft, without-dazzling, flickering, radiation, and gorgeous color.
Strong weather resistance: the luminous effect will not be affected by the vibration-of the vehicle during driving. It does not generate heat during operation, has good fog permeability, and does not produce harmful rays.

100% crystalline material is used and the lifespan is up to 8000 hours.
Ultra-thin like paper, uniform brightness, does not take up much space in the car, and is only 0.35mm thick.
Power consumption is very low, only 1MW per square cm of light source.
The light is even and soft, no dazzling, no flickering, no radiation and no gorgeous colors.
Strong weather resistance: Unaffected by lighting effects caused by vehicle vibrations while driving.
It does not produce heat during operation, has excellent fog penetration, and does not produce harmful rays.
Size: As shown
Connection cable length: 6cm
Weight: Approx. grams/set
Usage: Paste the bright car sticker on the window, place the line, connect the Cable, turn on the driver switch The products that will light up

are as follows.
1 * Bright car sticker (excluding battery)
1 * Connection cable

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