Car Bluetooth AUX Receiver Adapter Wireless 3.5MM

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Car Bluetooth AUX Receiver Adapter Wireless 3.5MM


Give your devices a new lease of life! Advanced technology not only provides a faster and stable connection to the devices, but also ensures high-quality sound. Use the Bluetooth Adaptor to turn your docking station Bluetooth. Stream your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet, MP3 player, laptop or Car. The Bluetooth receiver delivers the full quality of a wired connection! Connect to your stereo / dock.

Slim, sleek and portable wireless Bluetooth receiver audio adaptor that looks absolutely fantastic in any docking station. With premium anti-scratch casing and crystal clear sound, the audio quality of the Bluetooth receiver adaptor will not be compromised, nor will the music you love! CD-like quality! This Bluetooth receiver available up to 33 feet / 10 meters range and stable signal, enables you enjoy high-quality audio.

No need to repair each time, the car Bluetooth receiver will remember your device! Just turn on the Bluetooth of your cell phone first, and then turn on the Bluetooth receiver, the Bluetooth Audio Receiver can be automatically paired. Built-in microphone and one-button easy operation allows you to enjoy hands-free calls and activation Siri while driving, its hands-free system can set free your hands during answer the calls and let you safely drive.

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