Ferrari Car Dashboard Perfume - Air Freshener White

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Ferrari Car Dashboard Perfume / Air Freshener White

Long-Lasting Fragrance up to 30 days
Dashboard Premium Freshener
Air Freshener
Best in Class
Classy Looks

Experience The Fragrance Of Nature With This Beautifully Designer Perfume. Wherever You Use This Perfume, Whether Its Your Car, Home Or Office, It Will Not Only Make The Surrounding Fresh And Fragrant With Its Exotic Fragrance But Also Enhance The Appearance By Its Unique And Cool Design.
Features: One Of The Best Designed Perfumes Ever Giving Your Car / Home / Office Desk A Classy Stylish Look. Refreshes The Mood & Enhanced The Ambiance. Instantly Adds A Personal Touch To Your Car. Innovative Design. Keeps Your Car Fresher For Longer. Emits A Refreshing & Mild Fragrance. Improves Car Decoration.

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