H11 LED Car Headlights Projector Laser Fog Lights Automobile / Bumper Light

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H11 LED Car Headlights Projector Laser Fog Lights Automobile / Bumper LightSpecification:-


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: White
  • Size: 5.3×4.4cm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Input Voltage: 12~36V
  • Normal Voltage: 12V
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Power: 35W
  • Luminous Flux: 3800LM
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Package Include:
  • 1× Pair of Car LED Auto Fog Lights




  1. Fits for Car H11.
  2. No residual light: Turn off the lights without residual light, no longer have to worry about the car will leak! Faster on/off response time and vibration resistance.
  3. High efficient lighting: Compared with the original halogen lamp, our ultra-bright LED Bulbs to give you a better lighting experience, can light up every corner. Ultra-bright LED, unique and more vivid color.
  4. Safe driving: Improves visibility to ensure driver's safety, reduce traffic accidents caused by bad weather or adverse road condition.
  5. More features: The advantage lies in waterproof function, light uniformity, high brightness, and good heat dissipation.

Operating Manual:-

  1. The product must be professional installation personnel for installation.
  2. Before installation, Please disconnect the Vehicle battery cathode.
  3. After installation, Please check the wiring and installation are abnormal, Confirm parts.
  4. After Installation, Please test the product function is normal, if you have any questions, please contact us in time.




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