HEMEN Car Microfiber Cleaning dusting Microfiber Wash Mitt Gloves Blue 1 Pc

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HEMEN Car Microfiber Cleaning Gloves | Microfiber Wash Mitt | Microfiber Cleaning Gloves | Microfiber Dusting Gloves | Car Cleaning Gloves

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  • Sheen Microfiber cleaning gloves are effective and great working on vehicles, their absorbency power is excellent, and it’s removed the dust easily and makes the clean.
  • Sheen microfiber wash mitt is using for clean the car and it is also a multipurpose cloth it can be used as Microfiber glove for bike cleaning, which can use many vehicles to clean it.
  • Sheen microfiber cleaning gloves is best microfiber gloves for car cleaning, with the help of sheen car cleaning gloves, you can clean your car internally and externally, you can also clean the glasses of your car.
  • Sheen microfiber dusting gloves for home is highly premium quality with highly water & oil absorbent. No shrinkage & no shape loss, use with just minimum gentle contact no friction.

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