HJG T9 LED Headlight Bulbs with Mini Projector Lens Hi-Lo H4 Projector Lens 1 Pc

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HJG T9 LED Headlight Bulbs with Mini Projector Lens Hi/Lo H4 Projector Lens 1 Pc


  • Lumen: L/4000LM, H/8000LM
  • Color temp.: 6000K White Light
  • Waterproof: IP 67
  • Light Source Model: CSP
  • Voltage: DC 9-32V
  • House Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Heat Dissipation Theory: Aviation Aluminum 6063
  • Lifespan: 30000hours
  • Operating Temperature: -40oC~+80oC


About this item:

  1. Unique Optical Lens Design: Make the light more concentrated, and the cutting lines perfect. the Low beam lights are reflected from the special bowl that comes with it. Smooth cutoff line and focus lights, will not glare at the upcoming drivers.( (.Attention: Please wear the glove included during installation to avoid scuffing.)
  2. 200% Brighter Than Halogen: Top Automotive-Grade XTE chips, small chip gap.Brighter and more effective than ordinary LED bulbs.3 times brighter than your original halogen bulb. The illumination distance of the headlight exceeds 500 meters
  3. High-Quality Material: The lamp body is made of 6063 aviation die-cast aluminum alloy, has high hardness, and will not deform. Good heat dissipation effect, It cools the heat from the led beads quickly, extending the LED chip’s service life.
  4. Plug & Play: The H4 Plug, you just need to take off your original headlight, and put in our new LED Headlight Bulbs. It will give you a whole new driving experience

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