MULTI-FUNCTION Roof / Emergency Light Floodlight Y-978

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The main structure and applicable scope of the lamp

(1) The shell is made of ABS material, built–the circuit board, battery, and LED beads, and the back is covered with soft magnetic plates. This product is easy to use, has strong adhesion, it has dust prevention, and has new structure characteristics.

(2) It is mainly suitable for lighting in all kinds of cars, homes, outdoor, offices,s, and shopping malls.

Main structural parameters

(1) Rated voltage: DC 5.0V.

(2) Rated power: 2W.

(3) Rated current : 400mA.

(4) Product specification : 10 x 10 x 2 CM.

(5) Charging time: 2 hours.

(6) Time length: It can last for 5 hours under full charge.

(7) Products parts : LED light / Iron sheet / Double-sided adhesive tape / Adhesive aid / USB charger cable.

Installation requirements and maintenance

(1) First, sort out all kinds of parts and accessories for supporting lamps. 

(2) Please stick the double-sided adhesive tape on the iron sheet and stick the iron sheet on the place where you use it.

(3) The lamp can be used by sucking on the iron sheet.

(4) Press both sides position of lamps to be able to light the lamps, this product is a double switch, double colorful lighting design.



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