Portable USB Fan 360° Double Head Rotating With Adjustale 180° Up Down For Desktop/ Car / Truck Van USB Controlled 5 Inch Size

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قیمت فروخت₨2,690.00 باقاعدہ قیمت₨3,900.00
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Detachable front net allows the fan to be washed clean and wait for the next summer.
Useful Function: Available in 2 wind speeds for various conditions. Great choice for car use.
Easy to Use: Adjustable flexible joints allow you to experience cooling from multiple angles, driver and passenger seats.
Durable Material: Electric car fan is lightweight design, more safe than other fan, plastic material is light and not easy to damage.
Meaningful Tool: Stable fan for car and home use, choose the 12V one, you will get a dual-head fan that is powered directly by USB.

Dual Switch Separate For Each Fan 

5 Inch Each Fan Size 

180°  UP and Down Moment with 360° Rotatable 

Material: PP

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