Universal High Flow Air Filter Sport Air Filter For Car High Performance 1 Pc

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Universal High Flow Air Filter Sport Air Filter For Car High Performance 1 Pc

  • Air Filters are a high-efficiency air cleaner system developed for high-performance vehicles. Prominently used in uprated engine systems to increase the amount of air flow thus improving performance, air quality, and BHP ratings. It is easy and portable to install. Fan parts of the skeleton inside can use 16 radiation shape bracket designs. This structure is relatively hale, such a design to produce a vacuum mushroom head inside,It can be forced to inhale air, so the area of the fan-shaped section is completely not wasted, and filtering cotton can be switched, greatly improving the service life of the mushroom head.


  • A high-efficiency air cleaner system

  • Easy to install, just remove your stock one and screw this on

  • Enhance the engine performance of your Car

  • Efficiently filter the glow intake air

  • Suitable for any type of car 

  • Increasing inlet flow rate, and filtering air impurities

  • With a sphere shape honeycomb structure, straggling airflow can be distributed evenly in the six directions, to form a smooth flow of air


  • Material: heavy metal alloy

  • Color: Red Or Blue

  • As Shown In Picture
  • Height: 120mm
  • Width: 127mm
  • Hole Size: 70mm

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